lørdag 11. mai 2013

Digital master's interpretation

This is an assignment where we were to take traits of an established artist's style and adapt them to make our own piece of work. I've chosen art nouveau artist Alphonse Mucha.

There's probably someone doing interpretations of Mucha every year so I probably won't bring anything new to the table. But anyhow.

The aspects of Mucha's work I enjoy the most is that it is really clean, bright, decorative and very character centric, and also very recogniseable. I like his use of colour and value contrast. 

Some of his most famous work include the Moon and Star-series:

Characteristic of Mucha's style is his use of crisp linework, but I've found examples of his work where the outlines are omitted as well and it's really gorgeous, I think his colouring technique really comes trough here better. Instead of lines he uses strong contrasts to separate shapes. His lined work has that too, but I think it's all the more visible in this piece.

I really adore the design of this one. Mmmm blue and orange. Garish. I love garish. 

His work often had an illustrative, poster-like look and sometimes incorporated text.

Beneath is my interpretation. I need to work more on my colours. I want it to be more saturated and detailed but I've got the gist of it, I think. 

I've tried to incorporate text in it and I think it works out allright. I like the dissonance created between a pretty, cute image and a gross snippet of text. Like pastelly embroideries of birds and flowers framing a quote akin to "fuck you" or something, I think that stuff is fantastic. 

Update: Some quick adjustments and a bit of waving about, starting to feel a lot more like the source material. I feel like I'm getting comfortable painting again, I felt very wavering when I started this because of all the time spent 3D-ing lately.

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